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A durable, high performance active fire barrier!
Sometimes, along comes a new product so much better than it's predecessors that it wipes them from memory. The homosapiens did it to the neanderthals. The automibile did it to the horse drawn carriage. Now, Aktiv™ Fire Barrier Fabric will do it to your current fire barrier.

Hotel sofa cushion after only four months of use
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Durability problems with 100% woven fiberglass barriers continue.
Many of the current fire barriers on the market are functional, but have serious drawbacks including the coating separating from the knit and balling up under the upholstery fabric, or complete disintegration over a short period of time. Some woven fiberglass products have been demonstrated to be completely demolished in less than four months of use.

CAL 133 Test on Polyester/Nylon Blend Upholstery
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Aktiv™ slows burning on upholstery! Under a full scale fire test, Aktiv™ Fire Barrier is exposed to flames coming in contact with the upholstery fabric. The barrier begins to form a char that helps to block the fire's access to the combustible materials beneath the surface. It also releases chemistry - a fire fighting agent - that slows the progression of the fire on the outside fabric.

The fire extinguishes itself in 7 minutes
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This can result in lower peak rates of heat release than passive barriers, which translates to a broader offering of upholstery fabrics and more sales by your company.

Protect expensive upholstery fabrics with Aktiv
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Ventex can assist manufacturers in producing a complete line of furniture that complies with California Technical Bulletin 133 (Manufacturers must test their product line for compliance). Make Aktiv TM Fire Barrier an integral part of your product line now!

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