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Ventex's products are used in Healthcare, University Housing, and Residential mattresses and upholstered furniture.
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  • Fire Barrier Products
  • Healthcare Fabrics
  • Dustmite Barriers

  • Fire Barrier Products

    [Bullet]Integrity30® Fire Barrier

    [Bullet]Spun Gold® Residential Fire Barrier

    [Bullet]Aktiv™ Fire Barrier

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    Healthcare Fabrics

    [Bullet]Recovery5™ Health Care Ticking

    [Bullet]SOFlux OX® Mattress Ticking

    [Bullet] SOFlux PU™Pillow Ticking

    [Bullet] SOFlux RSTM Health Care Ticking

    [Bullet] SOFlux TPUTM Coverlet Fabric

    [Bullet] SOFlux LVT®Low Vapor Transmission Fabric

    • applications include stretcher pads as well as healthcare mattresses.

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    Dustmite Barriers

    [Bullet] PristineTM Pillow Ticking Dust Mite Barrier

    • very breathable and soft, yet durable pillow ticking specialized in being a barrier to dust, dust mites, and other allergy causing particles.

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