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Pillow Ticking Dust Mite Barrier

Pristine™ is a tightly woven fabric, specially finished to provide the unique barrier properties of a laminate, without the added weight, stiffness, and cost. Pristine™ filters out dust, dust mites, and allergy causing particles, yet retains air porosity - so important when used in fiber-filled like pillows, sleeping bags, stuffed toys, and insulated apparel. Pristine™ is available for retrofitting allergy covers, pillow ticking, and mattress ticking.

Some key features of Pristine™ include:

VENTEX is the exclusive sales agent for Pristine™ allergy barrier fabrics.
For more information about Pristine™, please visit their web site at www.pristinefabrics.com.
Pristine is a trademark of PFG

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