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Ventex is heavily involved in the design of open flame resistant mattress products for standard residential mattresses. To find out more about different areas concerning Ventex's residential products, click one of the following:

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  • Fire strikes most often at night while people are asleep in their beds.

  • About 75% of all fire deaths in the United States occur in private residences.

  • A typical bedroom needs only about 1700kW to reach flashover, where all of the combustible items in the room ignite simultaneously.

  • In a comparison of severity of fires, one is 5 times more likely to die if that fire starts in a bedroom - 10 times more likely if it starts in a living room.

  • There are over 30,000 mattress and bedding fires in the united states every year resulting in over 600 deaths.

  • The likelihood of death in a fire increases dramatically as you age - people over 70 have over a three fold increase in risk.

  • Of every 100 people that die in childset fires in the United States, 85 are children.

    Unmatchable Safety and Comfort

       Seconds are precious in a home fire. The ability for your family to escape will depend on how quickly a fire spreads in your home. The comfortable, cushiony items that we fill our homes with often contain highly flammable filling materials such as polyurethane foam and polyester fiberfill.

       VENTEX, manufacturers of premium fabrics for mattresses for the home, is addressing this problem. By incorporating state of the art technology into this mattress product, VENTEX has created a fabric for a supremely comfortable sleep set that reduces the risk that the mattress will contribute significantly to a home fire even if it is the first item ignited.

       Imagine a scenario where a curious, small child finds a lighter and attempts to light the underside of a boxspring, or where the bed is pushed up against a malfunctioning wall socket, or where a lamp with a 100 watt light bulb falls accidentally on your bed...these are all potentially deadly scenarios.

       However, as a fire barrier shield under the outside cover of your mattress, Spun Gold® is protecting the internal flammable components from direct contact with the open flame source. While it does not completely eliminate the threat of fire in the bedroom, it is removing the largest source of fuel for the fire from being an immediate massive contributor to a fire started by what could be a small open flame.

       All of this is achieved without harsh chemical flame retardants on the fabrics used, and without the use of products like fiberglass. The fire barrier contains Kevlar fiber, the same product used in making bullet proof vests and protective apparel for fire fighters.

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    Unmatchable Peace of Mind

    by VENTEX
    A traditional mattress without a fire barrier that only meets the Federal Flammability Standard
    Spun Gold Mattress
    Mattress meeting Fed. Flammability Standard
    Purchasing an open flame resistant mattress should give you peace of mind that you are buying the finest, most comfortable, state of the art product manufactured today. Peace of mind is critical to sleeping well. We at VENTEX believe we have engineered the perfect sleeping surface with the latest health and safety issues in mind. Above is a comparison of two mattress products - the left one featuring VENTEX's new Spun Gold® Fire Barrier - and the other a traditional mattress without a fire barrier that only meets the Federal Flammability Standard. Ironically, a sheet of newspaper will meet "Class B" requirements for the Federal Flammability Standard.

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    Residential Mattresses and the Fire Problem

       There is a serious liability storm brewing on the horizon for the mattress industry. The flammability work over the last two decades has pointed to a serious problem with the "Federal Flammability Standard". Mattresses that meet CCF4-72 (Cigarette Ignition) burn completely and release tremendous amounts of energy when they come into contact with open flames. This will precipitate an avalanche of new product liability cases involving mattress fires in consumer's homes.

       VENTEX has done most of the pioneer work in the field of producing fire barriers that are specially designed to reduce the hazard associated with open flame contact ignition fires. It is most likely that the industry will be using barriers on a wide spread basis well before the year 2000. The legal liability issue alone, driven by compliance not with a standard, but a rapidly moving standard referred to as a "state of the art" will dictate that barriers be used to avert legal liability in cases where consumers are injured or killed by mattress fires. Ultimately, consumers, governmental regulatory bodies, and product liability insurers will insist on fully certified open flame resistant programs.

    If you sell healthcare you need to call and find out about the latest changes in the requirements of mattress and upholstery products sold into healthcare facilities.

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    Questions and Answers

    Why should I work on an open flame resistant mattress program for retail?

    Reason #1: It will be a powerful marketing tool to get new business.
    Reason #2: To reduce your liability in a future fire with one of your mattress products. This program could serve as your main defense in a product liability suit that you would otherwise lose.
    Reason #3: It won't change the comfort of your mattress, but it will bring you more business and differentiate you from your competitors.

    VENTEX, Inc. stands ready to help you with designing, testing, certifying, and marketing your line of open flame resistant mattress products today!

    Call Us Today To Discuss Our Retail Open Flame Mattress Program Featuring Spun Gold® Fire Barrier.

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    Spun Gold® and OFR™ are trademarks of Ventex, Inc. Our customers have tested prototypes of these mattresses using the ASTM E 1590 test method and have determined that they meet NFPA 101 Life Safety Code requirements of releasing less than 250kW during the test.

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